#100TinyBugs – 41 through 60

Here’s a new batch of tiny bugs for your enjoyment. At 40 I decided to start drawing bugs as you would most likely see them in nature. I like the top down view of bugs but that is such a limited angle and I wanted to show more variation. I also wanted to push myself and doing different profiles and side views has been a great learning experience.

Bugs 41 to 60

In this set of 20 I did five butterflies and one incredibly pink moth.  I didn’t realize I had done so many different colors of butterflies until I took this picture.

Five butterflies and a pole dancing moth

I did four bugs that weren’t beetles or butterflies or moths. The fly creeped me out and was not a popular post. He’s well executed but flies are not popular in general I think. And technically the green guy that looks like a grasshopper is actually a beetle but he doesn’t have that typical beetle look.

Four miscellaneous bugs

Lots of beetles this time. Technically the yellow faced stinkbug is not a beetle but I think he really wanted to be a beetle and he snuck into that pile for pictures. Maybe he swapped with the green grasshopper like bug.  The bug in the center is a Texas native and the only bug so far in the project that I drew from a photo I took myself.  He’s an Ironclad beetle and it’s shell is so hard that entomologists have to drill holes to pin them.

Yay beetles

I was so happy with so many of the drawings from this set of 20 that I do not have any I would consider my favorite this time. What I did pull out though were three that I thought showed the greatest skill improvement. In this 20 I felt like my level of detail in the ink drawing greatly improved and I was definitely becoming more confident in my watercolor abilities.

As always you can see all of my bugs on my Instagram. Thanks for your visits and all of your support!

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