#100TinyBugs – Bugs 81 Through 100

My 100 Day Project is done and dusted.  Here are bugs 81 to 100 for your enjoyment.

Bugs 81 to 100

In this set of 20, the beetles won by a landslide.  I painted 13 of them.  I do enjoy the beetles though – there is just something about all of the shapes and sizes and colors that I don’t seem to get tired of.  They also don’t creep me out the way a lot of other bugs seem to.

Beetles win!

The remaining 7 bugs are a mixed bag for sure.  Three butterflies, a cicada, a moth, a lantern bug, and a grasshopper.  I only painted a couple of lantern bugs during this project but I want to do more.  They are incredibly colorful.

The leftovers

Once again I can not even being to pick a favorite from this bunch.  Instead I’m going to bring you four shiny beetles.  Why?  Because I’m actually pretty proud of my ability to now paint a convincing shine in watercolor.  It was one of the many things I was clueless about before starting this project.

So shiny!

Stay tuned for a wrap-up article coming later this week.  And thank you everyone for following along and giving me so much encouragement.  It’s been a super fun ride hasn’t it?

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