#100TinyBugs – The Wrap Up

All 100 tiny bugs together

I was going to make a fun little video of all my bugs but that didn’t work out.  I was going to make a cool infographic about my bugs but that also hasn’t panned out.  Who needs that stuff for a post?  Not me – I can make this wrap up fun anyway right?  Well, fun if you like to see numbers.

Since it wouldn’t be much of a wrap up without some fun stats here are some numbers for you.  Out of the 100 tiny bugs 45 of them were beetles, 34 were butterflies and moths, and 21 were a variety of other insects and one arachnid.  In the end I wasn’t too surprised about almost half of my bugs being beetles.  I originally thought I would do a lot more butterflies but I enjoyed the variety and colors of the beetles more.

What about colors?  I did manage to use a good range of colors.  Oddly enough the color I used most was orange and/or yellow.  In so many cases the oranges and yellows were mixed together on the bugs so I just grouped them.  Blue came in at 20 and green was close behind at 18.  Those numbers don’t surprise me since I love those colors.  At times I had to stop myself from painting yet another blue bug.

One of the oddest things to me was my most popular bug post.  Instagram is a bit odd with it’s ever changing algorithms but for some reason my cicada post garnered 167 likes.

This little guy got the most likes

Some great things happened for me during this project.  I did gain a lot of great followers on my Instagram but the best part for me was how the daily process of drawing and painting a bug helped me to establish a daily art practice.  Since this project ended I’ve not only been creating and posting art daily I feel like I’ve upped my game.  My confidence in my technical drawing has grown and now I’m moving into other, more challenging areas.  My watercolor skills improved significantly as well.  I’m starting to realize that doing something every day for 3+ months will truly establish your skill base.  The whole learning by doing thing.

Anyway, this concludes my #100TinyBugs project.  If you missed any of my bugs or you just want to check them out you can always look at all of my bugs here.  I made a hashtag for them so they are all grouped together.  Thanks for sharing this adventure with me.  It’s been amazing.

4 thoughts on “#100TinyBugs – The Wrap Up”

  1. I’m glad to hear it was so rewarding for you! I’m one of those people that like stats, so I appreciate you sharing that too!

    1. Yes – I wanted to do something so much cooler for a wrap up but everything was taking too long. I went back to the KISS model and just wrote it out so at least it’s out there. I’m so glad I did it though. It was a great experience and I’m glad you liked it. I’m pretty sure you liked every one of my posts. 😀

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