October Art Challenge – #Inktober


On my personal art Instagram account I participated in the Inktober art challenge in October.  Inktober has been around for several years now – it was originally started in 2009 by artist Jake Parker.  I’ve seen a lot of people participate over the years but this was the first year I joined the challenge.

I decided I wanted to blend Zentangle patterns with ink drawings and for the most part I felt I was successful with that.

Vertical drawings

Initially I was going to try to do an even mix of vertical vs. horizontal drawings but when it was all said and done I only did three horizontal drawings.  Star was one of the early prompts and I decided to draw a staff with a star at the top.  I was super pleased with how that one turned out.  I was trying to channel some of my favorite artists from the 70’s and I think I was successful.


Horizontal drawings

Clearly I preferred drawing horizontal designs.  Picking Zentangle patterns that complemented each of the prompt images was more challenging than I had anticipated.  Most of the time I was very happy with the combinations but the clock tree was s huge let-down for me.  I might have to go back and rework the pattern I put with that one.  Maybe jazz it up a bit.  With the drooling pumpkin I decided there was no appropriate Zentangle pattern and instead decided to add more drool.  I like it but it also grosses me out a bit.


Odds and Ends

I started the month strong but I got sick part way through this challenge.  In a couple of instances I did a drawing and then messed up the pattern so I just cut that part off.  I also did a couple pieces that were smaller so I could finish them on time.  Since the point of Inktober is to draw and post I suppose they fit.

Fun Facts

I got inspiration from so many people during this challenge.  Some of the prompts were leaving me blank so I would brainstorm with people for ideas.  Many thanks to my husband Scott, my brother Guy, and my good friend Alexandra for all of your help and support with ideas.  I truly love and appreciate that your brains work so differently from mine.

You may have noticed that in two of my drawings I use runes or symbols.  These are actually from the Theban alphabet which is also known as the Wiccan alphabet.  The staff says Starkeeper and the Spell scroll says “klaatu barada nikto abracadabra alohomora”.  Yes – I mashed a bunch of different spell words together for fun.

I’m not even going to try to pick a favorite from these drawings.  There are a couple that I’m not that fond of but I’m so happy with the drawings in general that I couldn’t pick just one.  Instagram had a clear favorite though.  The rooster I drew for the prompt Chicken was the clear winner there.  I did have a lot of fun drawing that one.

If you missed my post on the Drawlloween art challenge you can find it here.  Thanks for reading.

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    1. On a challenge like this with so many prompts I appreciate the help. I’m going to go with the star staff for your favorite. 😀 I know it’s not the decaf coffee.

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