Bent, Bound And Stitched Book Review

Bent, Bound and Stitched - Collage, Cards and Jewelry with a Twist I’m not someone who scrapbooks so it’s funny that I have so much scrapbook paper.  I’m drawn to it.  The colors and all the patterns.  I find them beautiful and inspiring.  While I know I don’t have as much paper as some people, for someone who doesn’t scrapbook I do have a lot.  I keep telling myself it’s for my mixed media projects but the reality is I just think it’s pretty.

When I first saw Bent, Bound & Stitched – Collage, Cards and Jewelry with a Twist by Giuseppina Cirincione at the local bookstore she mentions in the intro that she also doesn’t scrapbook but has a love/hate relationship with paper because she can’t resist it. I have to admit I felt an instant connection with the author after that.  She incorporates her paper stash into her projects is such a creative manner and I find the vintage look and feel of so much of her work very appealing.  I too have many little vintage and retro (even rustic) found objects that I’ve collected over time and reading through this book gave me so many ideas for how to use them now.  It had just never occurred to me before to mix those objects with all of my paper.

The book is a large format and the pages are bright and colorful with plenty of step by step photos to go along with the steps in the projects.  There are 20 projects in all and many new techniques for me to try.  I haven’t started any of the projects yet but I hope to start a couple soon.  I’ll try to be good about taking photos to post.  She also includes some templates and a supply list in the back of the book.

If you also have a paper stash and need some beautiful ideas for using it up I highly recommend Bent, Bound and Stitched.  And while you can get it for your Kindle I’d recommend the print version for all the imagery and the templates.

Scrapbook paper from my stash
Some recent paper purchases – so pretty!