Watercolor and Pen Zinnia

A few months ago I did the zinnia challenge for Florals Your Way on Instagram. At the beginning of every month they publish a list of floral prompts to help artists decide what to draw. When I’m feeling in the mood to draw flowers I will often use this list for inspiration. Zinnia was the floral prompt for November 12th, 2018 and this was my submission. Continue reading “Watercolor and Pen Zinnia”

Yellow Flower Love on Society6

Some of my followers will be happy to know that I’ve decided to set up shop on Society6. Society6 is a site that allows artists to upload their art to be sold on numerous consumer goods. Things like pillows, coffee mugs, wall clocks, shower curtains, etc. They will also sell prints and I like that feature as well. Continue reading “Yellow Flower Love on Society6”