The Inchie Challenge

August Inchie Challenge
My absolute favorite piece of this set was day 6.  The prompt for the day was Stars and Galaxies and I had been wanting to do a sun and moon piece for a while and this piece was everything I wanted it to be.
Stars and Galaxies
This bug was of course the favorite on Instagram.  Day 10’s prompt was Tiny Creatures so you know I had to draw a beetle.  It was crazy popular – getting 199 likes in pretty short order.
Tiny Creatures
Day 2’s prompt was Underwater and these little guys popped out.  I think I wanted to see what I could actually do on a 1″ square.  I thought they turned out very cute.
In other news I’ve recently changed web hosting providers.  If you run into any issues with the site please feel free to let me know.  I think I’ve ironed out most of the hiccups.

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