The Zentangle Tiles of June 2017

June ended up being a good month for drawing some Zentangle tiles.  We had house guests for a week – my mother and brother – but they didn’t seem to mind if I had the occasional doodle session while we were hanging out.  I feel like I was all over the place last month but I was trying a lot of new patterns so it was fun.  I started a Pinterest board just for patterns and I have been saving patterns I’ve tried in the past so I can find them again as well as new patterns I want to try.  I drew 16 Zentangle tiles in total in June.  Technically I posted the 16th tile on Instagram in July but I drew it in June so I’m keeping it here.

June 2017 - All Zentangle Tiles
All of the Zentangle tiles drawn in June 2017

The Favorites

It was hard just picking 4 favorites from June.  I actually liked a lot of them last month.  Here are the top 4 of those though.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that my favorite was also the Instagram favorite.

Personal Favorite Zentangle Tiles
My personal favorites from June 2017

On Instagram this post was the clear favorite of June.  Personally I like the simplicity of it and it’s got some nice shading that gives it more visual interest.  I also think I was just happy to see one of my own favorite tiles come out on top.  I post almost everything I draw even if I’m not super thrilled with it because the internet will surprise me all the time.

Instagram Favorite
The favorite Zentangle Tile of Instagram

Most Commented

Speaking of surprises this one was a huge surprise for me.  It was so random.  I was watching American Gods and just randomly doodling and this came out.  I had disengaged my brain and this is what my subconscious came up with.  It felt like it was all over the place but it got a tremendous amount of love on Instagram and a crazy amount of comments.  So many comments it blasted up to the number one spot for number of comments on one of my posts.

Most commented Zentangle tile
The most talked about Zentangle tile on Instagram


This was my only colored tile of the month.  I decided to grab my blue pen instead of a black one.  It’s blue.

A blue tile
A blue Zentangle tile


I hope you enjoyed my June Zentangle tiles.  You can see all of these tiles and more on my personal Instagram account.  For my Tiny Troll Studios Instagram go here.

2 thoughts on “The Zentangle Tiles of June 2017”

  1. Denise, looking at the top four, I too chose the winner for it’s simplicity; that is exactly what I was thinking; rather amazing that we agreed and for the same reason, do you not agree?

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